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Y'all know I'm all about pondering on ways to improve things ..... making my life easier or more comfortable..... We all get inspiration from from each other on Pinterest and Instagram. So one morning, while I was trying to relax OutOnThaPorch on my favorite swing bed  to do my morning social media trolling...... and I say trying to because the sun was blinding me.  I couldn't seem to get away from it no matter where I moved.   Come to think of it, I noticed that during certain times of the year, standing at the kitchen sink in the morning is also terrible now.   Turns out, the new, larger, open sections on the porch has opened up a can of worms.   True, we have this wonderful new space and the view is fabulous all year long, BUT..... it just so happens, that during the exact time when I'm rushing around, washing breakfast dishes or having my coffee on the swing, the sun is unavoidable .  I had to come up with a solution.  Blind