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Easy Dining Chair Slipcovers For Every Season

It's almost Easter!!! and I'm ready OutOnThaPorch now but I went down a "Rabbit" Trail to get here (Ha Ha - Rabbit Trail - get it ???)    When we finished the deck last October,  the nasty, off white cushions needed recovering and I didn't really know what I wanted to do.   YUK !!!!!! I didn't want a lot of color but we use these A-LOT so it needed to be something I could clean easily. So while relaxing OutOnThePorch one day I kept going back........ Way back........ to the first time I covered these same chairs - It was the 2011 article we did for Southern Lady Magazine in the October/November issue .  The article was about how we changed up my elegant dining room to be a little more casual with painter's drop cloth.  This was my very first experience using painter's drop cloth.  It was also the first time we used the Chenille-It along the edging. Chenille-It allowed us to simply serge the edges so we didn't have to