Easy Dining Chair Slipcovers For Every Season

It's almost Easter!!! and I'm ready OutOnThaPorch now but I went down a "Rabbit" Trail to get here (Ha Ha - Rabbit Trail - get it ???)   

When we finished the deck last October,  the nasty, off white cushions needed recovering and I didn't really know what I wanted to do.  
YUK !!!!!!

I didn't want a lot of color but we use these A-LOT so it needed to be something I could clean easily. So while relaxing OutOnThePorch one day I kept going back........

Way back........ to the first time I covered these same chairs - It was the 2011 article we did for Southern Lady Magazine in the October/November issue.  The article was about how we changed up my elegant dining room to be a little more casual with painter's drop cloth. 

This was my very first experience using painter's drop cloth.  It was also the first time we used the Chenille-It along the edging.
Chenille-It allowed us to simply serge the edges so we didn't have to line them and the raw edges were concealed.  

I still had the original slips stashed away and I pulled them out for Thanksgiving, but
my color scheme was different now.   
The brown didn't really go anymore. 
It didn't take me long before I came up with a plan - Why not.......instead of upholstering them with my everyday fabric - I could COVER them permanently with the Christmas Fabric and make slips for everyday use!!!    All I would have to do is pull the everyday slips off in December and BOOM!!!  I'm ready for Christmas next year!!! 
So that's what I did. 
Remember my previous Christmas Blog ?????

Although the drop cloth has been my favorite go to for slips for a LOOOONG time, I'm getting a little tired of it so I decided to use something different.  I had a plan.   I set out to make new slips for my sweet little chairs using the old slips as my pattern.  Check out the Snapguide here.

Now,  for me.......... it's all about the texture.   We use these Waffle Coverlets for many different projects but they're not easy to find, so we offer them on the website.   Mostly we use the twin size (60 x 90) and like the drop cloth, they are less expensive than using fabric.  Obviously, y'all like them too because we sell a lot of them.   When washed, these cotton bedspreads plump up nicely and they are so soft to the feel.  They make great slip covers!  

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these Waffle Coverlets

One thing always leads to another, to another, to another............

Of course, wouldn't it be so cute if the new, reversible slips were scalloped along the bottom?  But this waffle fabric stretches a little -  I'd have to stabilize the scallops someway.  One way of doing that, is to make them reversible and paired with a more stable fabric.

With Easter quickly approaching, I've got pastels on the brain.  I remembered some leftover pieces of pale green maltasee' in my fabric stash that would be perfect on the reverse side. 
Yet another example of just why I'm a fabric hoarder !
Waffle design and floral designs look great matched as long as the shade is the same.
There was only enough of the green to do two out of the floral side and 2 out of the waffle.  The fact that all 4 wouldn't match didn't matter to me.  Remember, I'm all about the texture.


Pink Buttons would be precious for Spring !
NOW I had a plan........Slips for all seasons.  And like magic...... (yeah right) here they are !!!  If you want to see how to construct them, head on over to our Snapguide for a Step By Step tutorial.  





So that's the latest project ..............

From @OutOnThaPorch with Pate-Meadows Designs !

Special Thanks to my sweet little photographer intern, Cassidy Joy Reynolds


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