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Flea Market Finds ..........

Can you guess what item in this photo came from the Flea Market? My favorite demo buddy, Danny and I love a good flea market. It's so interesting to see what folks come up with to display on their tables in hopes to make a buck or two. If you've never been to the Nashville Flea Market at the Fairgrounds you're missing out !!!   We try to plan for our friends from The Ham to always visit us here in beautiful, historic Franklin, TN on the last weekend of the month so we can all ponder around to see just what kind of goodies will make it home with us. There are tables and booths galore! For some reason though, I don't always find what I'm looking for at the time I'm looking for it.........but I always find something for another project........... So on this trip, I ran across these beauties.  Got them for $15.  I've been wishing I had a bench at the foot of my bed but, since I have my bed up on risers, it's really tall, so any

From Ewwww Not So Groovy Wagon Wheel to Ooooo La La Love it - Chandelier Redo

Our last couple of posts have been just to give you an idea of who we are and some of the dynamics that make up Caterina World at PMD.  And, if you follow us on Facebook, you've seen the OutOnThePorch videos where I share all sorts of tips, tools and ideas for you to personalize your own space.  Making it irresistibly inviting for your friends and family.... without  breaking the bank. OutOnThaPorch is where I can always dream up inspiration - whether for the  Material Matters  column  in   Southern Lady Magazine , that I contribute to -  or for a customer - or - just for some fun project for my own home. So if you've already seen the past couple of blog posts, you know it mentioned the "Not So Groovy Wagon Wheel Chandelier in our great room ..... See what I mean?  The cathedral ceilings and the beams are so cool but that wagon wheel ...... I tried to zoom in to the above pic but it gets all pixel-y.   I'm just learning this new Mac and how to


1979 was a very memorable year  ........  A lot of things ended and a lot of things began for me that year ....... It's the year I graduated from my beloved Huffman High School........         it's the same year Danny and got I married ............. and it just so happens to be the same year our traditional ranch was built here in beautiful, historic Franklin, TN. I'm told, it was built by an artist by the name of Ronnie Dove. One of his big hits back in the 60's was Right or Wrong.  Here he is on  American Bandstand. . He had a very successful music career until he changed record labels and invested quite a bit of his money into the label.  When the label went bankrupt, unfortunately, he did as well - or so I'm told.   We understand the Dixon's, purchased the home through the bankruptcy.   He never lived here so technically the Dixon's were the first and only occupants before us.