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Abby's Room

My favorite projects are little girl's rooms.  I love the details and over the years my girls have had some of the cutest rooms.  But within 6 months they always look a mess from all the nail polish spills, Sharpie marks and frankly more stains than I care to think about. OR - they would always tell me how they love it, BUT, they wish it were pink or blue or BLACK - anything but what I had made - and - let's just remember - they picked the original colors in the first place!!!!! So it was no surprise when we moved into our house in beautiful, historic, Franklin, Tennessee - Abby's was the first room to get the goodies!   I tried to control myself and remember how I made life miserable for everybody in the family by constantly worrying about the bedding and pillows.  So instead of spending way too much on fabric and coverlets and pillows, I opted for - inexpensive and durable - DROP CLOTH.  That way if Abby got tired of the colors I could change out a pillow o