Abby's Room

My favorite projects are little girl's rooms.  I love the details and over the years my girls have had some of the cutest rooms.  But within 6 months they always look a mess from all the nail polish spills, Sharpie marks and frankly more stains than I care to think about.

OR - they would always tell me how they love it, BUT, they wish it were pink or blue or BLACK - anything but what I had made - and - let's just remember - they picked the original colors in the first place!!!!!

So it was no surprise when we moved into our house in beautiful, historic, Franklin, Tennessee - Abby's was the first room to get the goodies!   I tried to control myself and remember how I made life miserable for everybody in the family by constantly worrying about the bedding and pillows.  So instead of spending way too much on fabric and coverlets and pillows, I opted for - inexpensive and durable - DROP CLOTH.  That way if Abby got tired of the colors I could change out a pillow or blanket instead of the entire room of soft furnishings.

And lets not forget that I can throw it in the wash when needed.  Here's a prime example!  It's funny how nobody knows how that stain got on that pillow!!  Ha !

I didn't do dust skirts - just mattress topper coverlets with inverted pleated skirts from the top of the mattress to the floor.  That way, before she makes up the bed in the morning, it's easy to see if there are shoes or socks or underwear or potato chips or "whatever" getting kicked under the bed.  Well ..... that's if she looks!!!  It's not fool proof but it does help.

All little girls need a room they can dream in and that makes them feel like a princess.  Today, we all enjoyed shooting in here!  Abby loves it when it looks like this.

But to be honest, most days her room looks like this !!!  

There were so many details in Abby's one blog post would just be total overload so this is the first of several I'll be doing, highlighting some of the projects I've dreamed up for Miss Abigail while in my favorite place ........................

OutOnThaPorch photo courtesy of Southern Lady Magazine

OutOnThaPorch !!!!

Special thanks to my sweet little photographer-in-training, Cassidy Joy  Reynolds for her contributions !


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