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Here we go.............

It's taken a year to settle into being solo here at Pate Meadows but I've done it!  Hootie Hoooo!!!  As most of you know (or not), Leigh (Pate) retired after creating together for over 25 years.  As of January, 2016, PMD has now been completely relocated to beautiful and historic Franklin, TN where I live with my husband of 37 years, Dan although he will always be Danny to me. And also with my sassy little Abigail - who by the way - folds and packages the patterns, cleans the workroom and helps with the shipping,  and also plays Vanna when there's a drawing for a give-a-way to be done. And of course, my sweet SadieBoo.  Where would I be without her to protect me from Mr. UPS and any other varmints that might pose a problem! (She's the best squirrel dog EVer)! Last but not least, there's Yoda.  Always ready to take a phone order or answer technical support when I'm all tied up! Or just hang out. All along I've been e