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Pattern Names

We sometimes get customers asking where we get the names for our patterns and, of course, there is a story behind each one. So here we will give a little background on the names of our patterns. Cuff-Top Valance: This was our very first pattern created in 1996. This design was based on a valance that Leigh had designed for a client's bay window and had entered in the Window Fashions Design Contest. She won 2nd place in the specialty window category. At first, we named our valance patterns with descriptive terms. Pull-Up Valance & Lace-Up Valance: More descriptive terms...BORING. So from then on, we decided to give the rest of our patterns real names. Emily Valance: This pattern was named after a dear high school friend of Leigh's that died of breast cancer in her mid-30's. In addition, Emily's mother was Leigh's home-economics teacher and played a part in Leigh's learning to sew. Haley Valance and Kasey Valance: These two were named after Cate