Pattern Names

We sometimes get customers asking where we get the names for our patterns and, of course, there is a story behind each one. So here we will give a little background on the names of our patterns.

Cuff-Top Valance:
This was our very first pattern created in 1996. This design was based on a valance that Leigh had designed for a client's bay window and had entered in the Window Fashions Design Contest. She won 2nd place in the specialty window category. At first, we named our valance patterns with descriptive terms.

Pull-Up Valance & Lace-Up Valance:
More descriptive terms...BORING. So from then on, we decided to give the rest of our patterns real names.

Emily Valance:
This pattern was named after a dear high school friend of Leigh's that died of breast cancer in her mid-30's. In addition, Emily's mother was Leigh's home-economics teacher and played a part in Leigh's learning to sew.

Haley Valance and Kasey Valance:
These two were named after Caterina's two daughters.

Catherine Valance:
This was named after Leigh's daughter, Anna Catherine. We had already named one of our Southern Living Patterns "Anna". But she wanted one of our Show Home Patterns named after her, so we used her middle name "Catherine".

Claudine Valance:
Named after Caterina's mother.

Leigh's dad wanted a pattern named after him, but "Jim" didn't fit, so we gave it his surname or "Morrison"...he was happy.

Madelyn Valance and Eleanor Valance:
We couldn't leave out the Mother-in-Laws!

Melissa Valance:
Melissa was named after Caterina's sister-in-law. She was kind enough to let us use her kitchen for photography.

Julia Valance:
This was named after Leigh's sister. She provided her wonderful breakfast room for photography.

Dana Valance:
Dana is a good friend and fellow designer who offered her beautiful sitting room for photography.

Erin Valance and Marley Valance:
These names came about when Anna, Leigh's daughter, and her friend, Leslie, were helping out after school getting orders out and assembling patterns for us. We had two new patterns coming out and needed names. Leslie volunteered her middle name "Erin" and Anna volunteered one of her favorite singers name--Bob "Marley". Sounded good to us!

Abigail Valance:
Named after Caterina's precious granddaughter born in 2005.

Delaine Valance:
This one is named in memory of Leigh's dear sister-in-law who died at the young age of 45 from an extended illness.

Julie Anne Panels:
Julie Anne is a good friend and former employee at Southern Living Magazine. We did these panels in her living room which was featured in a past issue of Southern Living Magazine.

Cuff-Top Panels and Floppy-Top Panels:
We sort of reverted to those descriptive names. We'll have to do better in the future.

Speaking of the future...We will name one of our upcoming patterns after Missy, Leigh precious pomapoo that passed away last summer (see previous post). We're also planning on naming one after Tracy, our wonderful assistant (see previous post).


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