Custom Flower Pot Liners

 Hey Y'all !!!! Wooooo HOOOOOO !!!   It's the first day of Spring ..... FINALLY ....  I've been so hunkered down .... following rules ..... staying home and washing and washing and washing my hands .... This whole Covid crap has been like one of those horrible dreams.  You know the kind .... the ones where you're paralyzed and you can't move - even though you are trying with all your might .... and even though you're screaming as hard as you can ..... nothing is coming out -  but today .... the first day of Spring ..... I finally feel like I'm awake from this nightmare.    So I got me some pansies (I know it's a little late for those) and a couple of lenten roses and added some cheer to my front porch.   My inspiration came from two sources .... One came from my new best friend (she doesn't know she's my new best friend and we've never even met - or spoken for that matter .... but you know how when we're so inspired by someone's posts

Hanging ...... Headboards, Skirted Tables & Mirrors

Oh my goodness....I can't believe it's been so long since I posted on the Blog.  I've been so busy, but haven't taken the time to write anything down !!! This one is going to be all over the place so get ready to follow me down a rabbit trail.... To start with, I changed out my headboard and got a new bed - (that's gonna be another OutOnThaPorch topic) and when I took it down I was quickly reminded of how extremely heavy this headboard is AND not everybody knows how to hang one.  Or anything else that heavy for that matter. You can see in this article from the October Issue of Cottage Journal Magazine this headboard is huge !!!  It was 80" wide and 60" tall.  I bet it weighed 75 or 100 lbs by the time it was covered. Most of the time these headboards have legs on the two ends and sometimes in the middle to raise them off the floor as shown in this photo. But that's not how we do it.  Because the legs are never stable enough and