Y'all know I'm all about pondering on ways to improve things ..... making my life easier or more comfortable..... We all get inspiration from from each other on Pinterest and Instagram.

So one morning, while I was trying to relax OutOnThaPorch on my favorite swing bed to do my morning social media trolling......

and I say trying to because the sun was blinding me.  I couldn't seem to get away from it no matter where I moved.  

Come to think of it, I noticed that during certain times of the year, standing at the kitchen sink in the morning is also terrible now.  
Turns out, the new, larger, open sections on the porch has opened up a can of worms.  

True, we have this wonderful new space and the view is fabulous all year long, BUT.....

it just so happens, that during the exact time when I'm rushing around, washing breakfast dishes or having my coffee on the swing, the sun is unavoidable.  I had to come up with a solution.  Blinds or shutters were out of the question. …

Easy Dining Chair Slipcovers For Every Season

It's almost Easter!!! and I'm ready OutOnThaPorch now but I went down a "Rabbit" Trail to get here (Ha Ha - Rabbit Trail - get it ???)   

When we finished the deck last October,  the nasty, off white cushions needed recovering and I didn't really know what I wanted to do.  
I didn't want a lot of color but we use these A-LOT so it needed to be something I could clean easily. So while relaxing OutOnThePorch one day I kept going back........
Way back........ to the first time I covered these same chairs - It was the 2011 article we did for Southern Lady Magazine in the October/November issue.  The article was about how we changed up my elegant dining room to be a little more casual with painter's drop cloth. 

This was my very first experience using painter's drop cloth.  It was also the first time we used the Chenille-It along the edging.

I still had the original slips stashed away and I pulled them out for Thanksgiving, but my color scheme was differ…

When To Use Blackout Lining

Here are two pics of Abby's Altered Claudine valance.  This valance was already interlined with 100% cotton drapery interlining.  The first is a pic before we added the blackout lining -
And the second is after we added the French blackout lining.  What a difference.  That's right.  French blackout.  There IS more than just one way to block the light.  And to get the correct results, you need to use the correct product.

Both shots were done at the same time of day with the same amount of sunlight and with the same camera.  Notice how the sun shines through the bottom of the valance that hangs over the window.  You can see exactly where the window stops and the wall begins.  You will also get the same line appearance if there is a contrast facing on the back of the valance.  The light will penetrate through the fibers and more often than not, if you have a sharp contrast on the back, the colors will bleed through your face fabric as well, therefore, to achieve a high end produc…

You Say Upholstery Webbing ........ I say Christmas Table Runner !!

So, yall know I like to use unconventional (and might I add - inexpensive) materials in elegant home decor, right?  Well, this year is no exception when it came to my Christmas Dinner Tablescape.

Last Friday, while relaxing OutOnThaPorch with Mama-n-em - y'all know Mama-n-em, right?

Anyway, we were talking about how cute it would have been to have had my old Christmas dishes for my previous OutOnThaPorch shoot.  And, how I would love to have them for us to eat on for Christmas dinner.  I hadn't seen them in 20 years.  I figured they were long gone, discarded in one of the many moves we've made over the years.

Well that's all it took for my two "Cousin Eddie(s)".  The next thing I knew they were calling me on their way back to Nashville from Bham with, what I like to refer to as a "truck load of junk".  Seems Mama-n-em knew exactly where those dishes were.  And to my surprise, in one of the antique trunks they were hauling back, was, none other tha…