Abby's Room

My favorite projects are little girl's rooms.  I love the details and over the years my girls have had some of the cutest rooms.  But within 6 months they always look a mess from all the nail polish spills, Sharpie marks and frankly more stains than I care to think about.

OR - they would always tell me how they love it, BUT, they wish it were pink or blue or BLACK - anything but what I had made - and - let's just remember - they picked the original colors in the first place!!!!!

So it was no surprise when we moved into our house in beautiful, historic, Franklin, Tennessee - Abby's was the first room to get the goodies!   I tried to control myself and remember how I made life miserable for everybody in the family by constantly worrying about the bedding and pillows.  So instead of spending way too much on fabric and coverlets and pillows, I opted for - inexpensive and durable - DROP CLOTH.  That way if Abby got tired of the colors I could change out a pillow or blanket in…

Daisy Jane cont.

Tuesday, April 17, 2017Before and after with Daisy Jane. Daisy Jane has been through thick and thin. She has come a long way since we first bought her. The transformation has been a huge effort on so many levels and I can't wait to show you what has come of it.

I'm sure y'all have read about about my cute, little photography intern, Cassidy Joy Reynolds. If not, she is a Junior at one of the local high schools and is studying to be a photographer.  She's always behind the scenes so,  I thought I would let her tell this part of the story about Daisy Jane since it's at her talented hand that makes this project look so great !!!!!!  Couldn't do it without you Cassidy!

Placemats made from pet proof screening left over from the screened porch redo.  Click here for step by step instructions.

All of the surfaces were re-painted and all of the curtains were re-done.  The roman shades were made for function with magnets instead of string.  See how by clicking here for …

Glamping with Daisy Jane !!!!!

I've always thought the little pop up campers were so cute and compact.  Just hook em up and go!

 I never saw myself buying one until I ran across the Pop-Up Princess Blog on Pinterest.

She documented her redo adventures in her blog.  She also posts photos of some of the best pop-ups from the pop-up community that you will ever see.  I was so intrigued and motivated to see all the cute things people were doing with them.

Soon, I couldn't keep it off my mind.  I kept thinking how cute they would be with  "these pillows"  or  "those curtains" .......  I just knew one would be FAB-u-lous with the Pate-Meadows touch. So I got on a mission.  It just wouldn't do until I had one.

I knew I wanted one that had the slide out for the table.  They are so much more roomy.  But those seem to go really quickly so I just kept crawling the craigslist posts from Nashville to Birmingham then I finally found my  "Daisy Jane".

Don't know why I named her that…

Flea Market Finds ..........

My favorite demo buddy, Danny and I love a good flea market. It's so interesting to see what folks come up with to display on their tables in hopes to make a buck or two.

We try to plan for our friends from The Ham to always visit us here in beautiful, historic Franklin, TN on the last weekend of the month so we can all ponder around to see just what kind of goodies will make it home with us.

For some reason though, I don't always find what I'm looking for at the time I'm looking for it.........but I always find something for another project...........

I've been wishing I had a bench at the foot of my bed but, since I have my bed up on risers, it's really tall, so any bench I found always seemed to look like a step at the foot of my bed rather than a bench.  So when I saw these, I knew right away they would be perfect for my bench.

And they were really heavy - cast iron.  So since Danny and I like to eat - I knew they would hold up.

I've always loved a de…

From Ewwww Not So Groovy Wagon Wheel to Ooooo La La Love it - Chandelier Redo

Our last couple of posts have been just to give you an idea of who we are and some of the dynamics that make up Caterina World at PMD.  And, if you follow us on Facebook, you've seen the OutOnThePorch videos where I share all sorts of tips, tools and ideas for you to personalize your own space.  Making it irresistibly inviting for your friends and family.... without  breaking the bank.

OutOnThaPorch is where I can always dream up inspiration - whether for the Material Matters column inSouthernLady Magazine, that I contribute to -  or for a customer - or - just for some fun project for my own home.

So if you've already seen the past couple of blog posts, you know it mentioned the "Not So Groovy Wagon Wheel Chandelier in our great room .....

See what I mean?  The cathedral ceilings and the beams are so cool but that wagon wheel......

I tried to zoom in to the above pic but it gets all pixel-y.   I'm just learning this new Mac and how to do the photos..... so to give yo…