Bean Bag Chair Slipcover


 How many of these ole things have you seen at yard sales and at the thrift stores??  More than I care to count.  There is a reason !!!  They aren't ever available in pretty fabrics.  Mostly, team colors or like this one, dark YUK!  And when you ask your kids what kind of chair they would like for their room - they always, always say "I want a bean bag chair"!  So after we swapped beds around - Abby wanted a bigger bed instead of the cute twin beds shown here that I wrote about in a previous post.

So we switched the full size bed from the guest room and her twin beds.


We also did shelving out of iron pipe and 1 x 12s, but there wasn't much room for a place to sit and play her video games.  She kept asking for BEAN BAG CHAIRS.  All I cold think of was all the mess that was going to be on the floor along with these Bean Bag Chairs.  

While "OutOnThaPorch" one day, I was scrolling thru the want ads and noticed several bean bag chairs for sale.  Most were advertised for less than $15. Abby had been saying how much she loved the new Blush Buffalo Check we have on our website

So I bought a couple of those second hand bean bag chairs.  They weren't exactly the same shape but it really didn't matter.  I chose the one that had at the best shape then measured all the sections.  I made my pattern out of brown craft paper.  

The sections worked well with the buffalo check. 

I added a handle to the top. 

I used gold spray paint and painted some really cute hooks I had laying around from a previous home.  

They hang on the wall so that they don't have to stay in the floor when she's not using them.  I think it's a fabulous idea!!!

So now she has her Buffalo Check fabric, her Bean Bag Chairs and I don't have to look at them piled up in the floor when they aren't in use.  Everybody's happy !  

I reused the mattlassee' coverlet from the other room to make the window treatments - This is the Erin Valance and 

we used the Small Regal Knobs which are perfect for the Erin Valance.  Unlike most of our valances, the Erin Valance doesn't have a return or projection at the top, so the knobs are installed directly into the wall.  

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Here's the dimensions I used if you'd care to make some for your kid's room.

I can always come up with a way to improve something while spending time in my favorite place.....


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