Glamping with Daisy Jane !!!!!

I've always thought the little pop up campers were so cute and compact.  Just hook em up and go!

 I never saw myself buying one until I ran across the Pop-Up Princess Blog on Pinterest.

She documented her redo adventures in her blog.  She also posts photos of some of the best pop-ups from the pop-up community that you will ever see.  I was so intrigued and motivated to see all the cute things people were doing with them.

Soon, I couldn't keep it off my mind.  I kept thinking how cute they would be with  "these pillows"  or  "those curtains" .......  I just knew one would be FAB-u-lous with the Pate-Meadows touch. So I got on a mission.  It just wouldn't do until I had one.

I knew I wanted one that had the slide out for the table.  They are so much more roomy.  But those seem to go really quickly so I just kept crawling the craigslist posts from Nashville to Birmingham then I finally found my  "Daisy Jane".

She's all mine !!

Don't know why I named her that.  Could be that I had been listening to America in the workroom that day.  But I found her in Lebanon, TN and went all by myself and snatched her up.

I read all the posts about how important the tires and brakes are so I drug her straight to the nearest tire store and had them replaced.

New  Shoes !

Two hours later I was back on the road for home.  It was a little scary because at one point she fishtailed a little, but I was determined to do this by myself so I just stayed slow and steady.  When we got there I held my breath - and it took a few tries - but repeating my favorite mantra - "I can do this, I can do this" - I managed to back her in the driveway all by myself.

I didn't know to put the chocks behind the wheels even if you are on a flat surface.

Lesson #1, Always use chocks.  They aren't just for airplanes !   So when I unhooked her from the back of the Tahoe she rolled back 3 or 4 ft.  I paused to allow myself a short panic episode.  Then I took a deep breath and spoke my second favorite mantra - "It's ok, it's ok, it's ok".

The little fellow I bought her from, used it was a hunting "cabin".  She was really nasty as you can see.

I pulled everything out  in the driveway including mattresses and cushions and curtains, and drawers, etc. and got to work.  Took me two entire days of scrubbing and cleaning. 

I washed all the curtains and only put back up the ones we need for privacy.  

My Favorite Demo Buddy, Danny came home a few days later to find her in his parking place.  I can't say he was thrilled.  Matter of fact he didn't say much of anything.  I don't think he had this type of fixer upper in mind when I told him I bought a camper to redo.  But he did hook everything up and tested all the plugs and fuses and the air and the heater and fridge and luckily everything worked.  It was a good thing since the little fellow told me it all did - and I took him at his word.  Ha!  

All I saw was that slide out. 

 As long as it had that slide out - figured I could deal with all the rest!

I was determined we were going camping that weekend so I put everything back together and threw all our camping stuff in.  I had her packed and ready when Danny got home after work that Friday and we headed out on our maiden voyage with Daisy Jane.  We set sail for Natchez Trace State Park, which is only an hour or so from home, and off we went!

My favorite demo buddy, Danny and our side kick, Abby

Flowers always make everything better !!!!!

It was fun and we had a great time.  We are gonna love this little Daisy Jane.

The sunset that afternoon was so beautiful.
That was then ............

This is now ...............
New roman shades, cushions and pillows!
Isn't she cute!  This is one of the roman shades I made.  And it's workable !!!  No cords.

Please sign up for the blog so you don't miss the next post with even more before and after pics of my sweet little Daisy Jane !  You'll see tons of ideas on how you can update your space.  Whether  your space is a little pop-up like this or a 5,000 sq ft home.  With basic sewing skills it can become a high end masterpiece. I'll show you how.

If you'd like to see one of the videos showing the roman shade click here !  If you'd like info on how to make cordless roman shades with magnets like this one click here !  If you'd like to know how I covered the bench cushions click here !

Just another idea I conjured up while in my favorite place ......................

Photo courtesy of Southern Lady Magazine
OutOnThaPorch !!!!!!!!

Special thanks to my sweet little photography intern, Cassidy Joy Reynolds!!!


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