OutOnThaPorch - WOOHOO IT’S DONE !

Wow!  I can't believe it.  OutOnThaPorch has a new home !!!!  And I'm talking all about it on the Pate Meadows Facebook video !

 After months and months of demo ...........

I know, I know.  The existing screened porch was tolerable because of the fabulous view.  I mean. Who in their right mind could complain about this?

But as y’all know, when we made the move here to beautiful, historic Franklin, Tennessee,

I wasn’t too happy to leave my beautiful screened porch with outdoor fireplace in Birmingham.   So when we found the carpenter bee destruction in the existing deck - and the leaking roof ....... It was a no brainer to just demolish and rebuild - especially when I moved Pate Meadows here a couple of years ago.  I needed a lot more storage space for the hardware and photography area - it just made sense to dig out underneath and make an additional space for that while we were at it.

So fast forward several months and - here we are - both swings are hung and just in time for Christmas.  I couldn’t wait to share it with y’all.

Here's my favorite place to be !

When we shoot the OutOnThaPorch videos, y’all only get to see one view,  so my sweet photography intern, Cassidy Joy Reynolds, and I worked really hard this week to give you a few different views.

This is what I'm looking at when I'm talking to y'all - well plus Danny Molloy my son-inl-law/videographer and all the video equipment of course!

We are out here ALL THE TIME !  We eat most of our meals out here......

I decided to cover the chairs in Christmas fabric. I’m going to do slips for them anyway so now they will be ready for next Christmas!

Here's a closeup of my tin can wreath

We watch TV out here...........
I brought this dinosaur plasma tv from Birmingham and had it shoved up under the bed in the guest room.  It will do for now!

We can entertain out here comfortably with plenty of sitting room.

We've had as much as 1000 lbs of butts swinging at one time so they're sturdy!

The first thing friends do is grab a blanket and plop down on the swings ...... and they stay there!

I’m finding that I only care to do seasonal decorating in this one little bitty area of the house now.  Gone are the days of Christmas trees in every room for me.  Or maybe it’s just my age.

I think the amaryllis are just the right touch for these tables on either side of the fireplace. 
My favorite demo buddy, Danny made the tables ... one for each side of the fireplace.  Thank you Honey !  It was so easy.   

With just a few pieces of leftover lumber they really didn’t cost hardly anything.

Then I made a gathered skirt using an off-white outdoor fabric.  Then I cut strips of fabric and added the banding on the bottom.
Recognize the gray greek key fabric from the old OutOnThaPorch decor?  I LOVE this fabric so I wanted to continue using small amounts of it in the new design.

Then I used the Erin Valance Pattern to do the shape on the topper skirt.  Our patterns can be used for so many different applications. Just got to think out of the box!  It was almost exactly the same size as the design of the print.

These toppers are so easy to make so I can change them out with the seasons too!

My favorite demo buddy seems to want to stay out here all the time. It must be relaxing for him too because Im always having to wake him up to come to bed!  So that’s why I plopped his ole faithful leather chair right in front of the fireplace and the tv - just for him.

So now you see why I'm always........ OutOnThaPorch !!!

Special thanks to my sweet little photographer intern Cassidy Joy Reynolds!  Couldn't do it without ya!


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