Our Little Missy will be so missed

It was very sad day at Pate Meadows back in August of this year. We had to say goodbye to our beloved little Missy. She was Leigh's 16-year-old Pomapoo and we will never be the same without her. She spent the majority of her life on her fluffy pillow in our workroom greeting everyone that ever visited us while we worked making curtains in Leigh's basement. Then when we finally moved into the building, she was getting on up in age and didn't seem to notice every visitor as she did in her younger days but still waited eagerly every morning for Leigh to invite her to hop in the car and go to work with her. She knew she had a job and that job was to be there with us -- on her little pillow, like the queenie she was.

We will miss her dearly. We plan on naming our next curtain pattern the "Missy Valance" in her honor.


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