DIY Hanging Kitty Perch !!!! as seen on OutOnThaPorch

In honor of National Black Cat Appreciation Day I thought I'd finish a post about a Hanging Cat Perch I started several months ago.

Here is the link to the Step-by-Step SnapGuide to make one for your kitty !

This is Yoda.  

He rules the roost around here at Pate Meadows.

 I'm sure you saw my OutOnThaPorch video on Facebook featuring my Hanging Kitty Perch or Cat Bed.  If not, check it out Here. It was for our Yoda.

Yoda is our 3 year old black beauty.  He is a rescue from the Williamson County Animal Center here in beautiful Franklin, Tennessee.

When our other two kittys contracted some crazy virus and died within a week of each other, we were heartbroken. So this time, I was determined to get a black cat.  I've heard that people don't want them because of superstitions and sometimes they are euthanized.  So when we saw this tiny little fur ball, we knew he was the one for us.   When we brought him home he was pretty much a ferrel cat.  It was January and the Star Wars movies were huge so you can see why his name just seemed to fit.  

He was so vicious.  I mean, the only way I could even touch him for days was if I had a little bowl of the water from a can of tuna.   When I say he was mean....... I'm telling you, he was mean.

But eventually he turned out to be the love of our lives !!! 

He soon warmed up to everybody.  Or maybe it is the heated floors in our bathroom.  That's one reason we haven't ripped those out yet.

He and Sadie became best frenemies.  

 But he's definitely the one in charge now that Sadie's gone and Lexi has joined us.......

He even helps with pattern cutting

He makes sure to not to let the cat out of the bag.

But back to the reason for this post ..... although he pretty much takes whatever spot he wants.....

He needed his own place.  And he loves being up high so when I saw this cute bed swing on Pinterest, I decided to make him not just one........but two !!!  Read all about it HERE on the website. This one hangs in the family room......  

And this one OutOnThaPorch !!!!

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Photo Courtesy of Southern Lady Magazine

Special thanks to my sweet photographer intern Cassidy Joy Reynolds !


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