No Sew - Dual Purpose - Table Cloths to Curtains

Hey Y'all !!!  

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In March, we had a baby shower for my daughter, Kasey to welcome the newest member of our family........... Wittle Baby Xander.  Isn't he just a doll !!!!

We knew it was going to be a boy so when I set out to make the bumper pads and curtains for the nursery, I knew I should probably keep the fru-fru to a minimum.  That's really hard for me.  
So one day while going through the mail @OutOnThaPorch one day,  I found the invitation amongst all the bills and junk! 

 Didn't take me long to decide exactly what I was going to do. 

(And yes.....his middle name is Xander ELVIS.  It's a family name, guess it's better than Caterina Eugina !!! )
For the curtains, our Cuff Top Panels Pattern is my go-to pattern in a boy or girl nursery - if we are doing long panels.  They can be really feminine and elegant by using silk or linen....

I also love them in really cool and whimsical fabric ......

We mostly do a contrast piping along the cuff but you could add beautiful tassel trim in place of the piping.....

 or they can still look just as savvy made up out of something as inexpensive as painter's drop cloth.  

So I had my plan .... Unlined Cuff Top Panels out of Drop Cloth.  It works up great unlined and if I used the 1/2" SteamASeam2 and my handy dandy 1" Bias Tape Maker - by wrapping the banding around the raw edges of the fabric, I wouldn't even have to hem the sides and bottoms.   So when I knew the nursery was going to be very neutral with gray hues, it was a no brainer to do drop cloth with a contrast bias banding"!  

For a nursery, it was definitely going to need some whimsey.  

I loved the polka dotted elephant on the invitation - which sparked my memory of seeing this pompom making kit at Michaels, so with the help of Haley and Abby and Gavin, over a long weekend, we made tons of pompoms out of yarn for the curtains.

But those would probably not be a very good thing on bumpers.   Then I remembered a pillow I did for the Material Matters Column in Southern Lady Magazine.

I made a different kind of pompom for that project and I attached them at the corners.  They were sewn into the seams very, very securely so they would be safe for the bumpers.  

Instead of cutting the top straight across, I made it wavy so that it would mimic the top of the panels - but - I went a step further and continued the wavy shape down the sides and across the bottom of the panels.   AND ......  Wallah!!!!!!!!

Aren't the colors fun !!!!

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL !!!!!!!!!

When I was ironing the first panel, I had to hang it off the table to get all the wrinkles ironed out.    In doing so - look what happened !!!!  I realized this curtain panel would also make the cutest table cloth!  

Turns out, they fit the picnic tables where we were having the shower perfectly!!!!  How cool is that !

So these are my girls, just a few short weeks before baby Xander came on the scene.  

Mama Kasey, Abby and Haley

So from painter's drop cloth they turned into precious tablecloths for the party then into sweet nursery curtains !

Big sister Abby is already such a great babysitter!

Lexi thinks he's pretty cool too!

Even going through junk mail is not a waste of time in my favorite place.....


Special Thanks to My Sweet Photography Intern, Cassidy Joy Reynolds


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